Service Model Changes

Thursday, Oct 5, 2017 | Jeff Corrington

Service Model Changes

We at PC Guy are always striving to be better, more efficient, and evolve in the ever changing IT world.  

Our business model has always been break-fix since our inception in 1998.  We've built a fun, challenging, and rewarding business upon that and have no plans to rid ourselves of that model.  However, we've also found that we're missing out on a market of business needs by not embracing the service provider model.

We're happy to announce that PC Guy will be offering contracted service provider options to clients both new and old.  Some business run on a budget, and that is hard to do on the break-fix model.  Let us take care of your IT needs and stop worrying about how much your next invoice is going to be.  There are several benefits to this model that work well for certain sizes and types of companies, some, but not all, are listed here:

Everyone knows running a business requires a proper business model, and that a budget is a big time factor in making decisions.  Need to buy that new equipment, but not sure how much your IT bills will be this month?  The service provider model solves that, by having a set technology expense every month to cover your information technology needs.  It no longer matters that an employee has called PC Guy 5 times or 20 times this month, you will spend the same amount.

Security Management:
Hardware runs on software, and software are prone to errors and bugs.  With a better management tool, we'll be able to keep track of those windows updates, application updates, firmware upgrades to patch vulnabilities, etc.  Let us stay on top of your security, so we can keep your digitial information secured from the ever evolving world of cyber threats.

You ever go to save that presentation only to discover your hard drive is full?  Our management software allows us to get reports and even notifications in performance and security events.  This way we can find the problems before you do!

Business Tools:
With our service provider we provide an All You Can Eat (AYCE) mentality, which includes, but is not limited to: email, antivirus protections, asset tracking and management, patch management, web filtering, and more.

Remote Support:
Our management software includes instant remote access support to any computer running with an internet connection.  This ability is important to us to allow us quick access and swift resolution to those pesky issues that pop-up.  Most everyday problems can be solved in a few clicks or less, why wait for us to drive to your office location to do it.

Don't get me wrong, the service provider model is not for all business.  But we wanted to be able to provide it to those who want or need it.

Call us today to discuss your business needs, and see if your a good fit for this new service provider business model.

Jeff Corrington
PC Guy